This is a story about the people and monsters of a swiftly changing world. I've complained about archetypes and cliches in YA urban fantasy before, which got me thinking, what do I want in this genre? The answer was more complex characters, greater depth, more developed world systems, more accurate representation, and so on. Weatherfield (we'll call the place Weathering Heights if Coronation Street comes after me, and because I like referencing better works) is the beginning results of me taking what I dislike and twisting it. I will most likely fail to accomplish this, and I am probably not going to finish much of this story, but putting writing on here should motivate me to get more done. There will be vampires, shapeshifters, faeries, witches, and just plain regular people arguing about quest and purpose and what type of topping goes best with strawberry ice cream. Hopefully things work out.