I decided to pick up yarn crafts again years after a brief stint with knitting, which yielded one neon pink dishcloth I found sort of ugly. This was expected; it was a dishcloth with whatever fiber I'd been able to find around the house. Crochet seemed to be the move because I lack the proper coordination for multiple needles and knitting had gone so slowly, especially trying patterns left-handed. It's nice to do something with my hands while listening to a podcast or watching a series I said I would finish months ago. Eventually I would like to do projects with cooler yarn (and at least stop purchasing yarn with high synthetic/plastic content now), as initial trials with less pricy materials seem to be going alright.

I am taking pattern notes for personal reference. The yarn softness is on a scale from 1 to 5. 1=absolutely terrible, like walking through a blackberry bush; 2=rough; 3=average; 4=relatively softer; 5=the softest, how cotton candy looks from a distance with no tasting involved.

Strawberry Sweater

March 2024

Pattern: Strawberry Sweater Vest by Hayhay Crochet

Yarn used: Main strawberries: Lion Brand Schitt's Creek Yarn; Rosebud Motel; Medium weight (worsted, 4); 100% Acrylic | Strawberry leaves and ribbing: Caron One Pound Yarn (?need to check); Succulent; Medium weight (worsted, 4); 100% Acrylic | Cream body: Loops & Threads Impeccable Solid Yarn; Heather; Medium weight (worsted, 4); 100% Acrylic

Yarn softness: 3.5 | 3 | 2.5

Notes: After a very long time I finished the sweater that was one of the reasons I wanted to learn to crochet. Learning the strawberry stitch and seeing everything come together at the end was pretty fun. This was the largest item I've made so far! And the most ends I've had to weave in... I liked the texture of the smooth, slightly shiny reddish yarn, and the green yarn was a lovely color and nice to work with using the recommended hook size. However, the cream yarn split a bit and ended up being less thick than I anticipated. After using a lot of it I hatehatehate it. I will still eventually use it some other time.

Hat 5

October 2023

Pattern: Striped crochet hat (herringbone half double crochet)

Yarn used: Caron Simply Soft; Soft Blue; Medium weight (worsted, 4); 100% Acrylic

Yarn softness: 3

Notes: For a friend with a fall birthday! Made with a slight taper toward the top of the hat with some single crochet stitches. I forgot to take a pic of the end product again but the shininess of the yarn came through a bit for the hat itself.

Hat 4

Completed September/October 2023

Pattern: Crochet baby hat with teddy bear ears!

Yarn used: Bernat Blanket O'Go; Shiraz shades (specifically the muted burgundy I've pulled out in the pic); Super bulky weight (6); 100% Polyester

Yarn softness: 5

Notes: My manager was having a baby so I made a hat as part of a baby shower gift! I wish I'd remembered to take a picture but it was v cute despite some missteps with the ears that I ended up half free-handing... It was my first time trying Bernat blanket yarn, which was quite soft and squishy but not super fun to crochet with because the stitches felt so tight to work into. I liked how this pattern had multiple sizes based on stage of baby development, so I could plot for mid-winter when heads might be getting colder.

Hat 3

Completed April 2023

Pattern: Referenced this pattern initially and then this pattern for slight taper toward top. Half double crochet, in back loops only for ribbed look, along with some single crochet for tapering toward top (same as for first hat but with lighter yarn).

Yarn used: Caron One Pound; Deep violet; Medium weight (worsted, 4); 100% Acrylic

Yarn softness: 3

Notes: Wanted to make a purple hat for someone.

Hat 2

Completed December 2022

Pattern: Uppercross beanie.

Yarn used: i'll find this eventually

Yarn softness: 3.5

Notes: First time trying increases and decreases, to make a hat for someone to wear in warmer weather, too. I think I may not have completed the pattern exactly correctly, but it does have decent open stitches.

Hat 1

Completed August 2022

Pattern: Chunky ribbed beanie. Half double crochet, in back loops only for ribbed look, along with some single crochet for tapering toward top.

Yarn used: Lion Brand Hue + Me; Mustard; Bulky weight (5); 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool

Yarn softness: 3

Notes: First hat completed! This hat was too warm for me and I got the feeling it would make my head sweat. I carefully considered the head sizes of my friends and their cold tolerance to identify the best possible recipient. Crochet has really opened up new ways of thinking about people.

poppy image from imaginings; background texture from Viahorizon on Subtle Patterns